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Have you ever imagined how convenient it would be if all the maintenance services such as rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning along with other related services like carpet installation, re-stretching and water damage restoration were made available by a single vendor?  At Carpet Cleaners Medford NY, we employ competent professionals trained for providing all these different services. 

Our technicians in Medford are trained to use diverse tools and techniques which is why they are able to provide excellent and high quality services. 

Whatever be the type of services you need for any of your expensive items, just contact us in NY. We will respond promptly to all your needs.

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Our Pro Services


Carpet Cleaning

There is a plethora of carpet cleaning vendors available in Medford but none of them can match the quality of services provided by Carpet Cleaners Medford NY. Bring your delicate carpets directly to us instead of wasting time in trying other vendors. 

We provide carpet cleaning services for both domestic as well as commercial projects. Our main aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to our valued customers at a reasonable price. We are expert in removing stubborn stains thoroughly by using environmental friendly products. This has enabled us to become the leading carpet cleaning services provider in NY.


Rug Cleaning

Just like your expensive clothes, your rugs cannot be put in a washing machine when they get dirty or stained. In order to clean them you need expert help available at Carpet Cleaners Medford NY. Our professionals in Medford clean your delicate and exquisite rugs thoroughly using non-toxic organic products which are safe and healthy for your rugs fabric as well as for you and your loved ones.

Utilize our excellent and fabulous rug cleaning services and make your antique rugs last longer. You can also avail our onsite assessment and demonstration facility available in NY besides prompt pick-up and delivery facility.


Upholstery Cleaning

It is easy to enhance the beauty of your residential as well as commercial premises by using upholstered furniture like sofas, sectional sofas and dining chairs. But it is a difficult and complicated task to maintain this beauty forever. Regular cleaning by expert technicians can help you in this area. 

We at Carpet Cleaners Medford NY are pioneers in the field of upholstery cleaning services. No cleaning vendor in Medford can provide the quality offered by our professionals which is why we are a leading player in the upholstery cleaning industry. Our professionals in NY use only eco-friendly products as they understand the value of your upholstery.


Carpet Installation

Don’t compromise with the installation of your expensive carpet by doing it yourself because improperly installed carpet creates serious health hazards and lowers its aesthetic value as well. Carpet installation is a very difficult and tedious task and therefore it is better to take the help of experienced and skilled carpet installers employed by us at Carpet Cleaners Medford NY. 

Our professionals in Medford inspect the area where you want to install carpet to measure the size of carpet required and make other pre-installation preparations. 

We use suitable methods for your carpet installation as our technicians are abreast with all the latest and advanced installation technology in NY.


Water Damage Repair

Have your rugs and carpets got damaged due to flood, water leakage or some negligence of yours? If so, bring them to us at Carpet Cleaners Medford NY for water damage restoration instead of trying to restore them on your own.  

Amateur handling can have serious consequences. For instance, once you rub the wet area it becomes difficult to restore the damaged items back to their original state. Our professionals use high tech and cutting edge equipments for extracting water from your wet items in Medford.

Entrust our technicians with all your water damaged rugs, carpets and upholstery related problems in NY.

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We offer you a No-Obligation Free Estimate from one of our friendly technicians at your convenience. Mention your visit to our website and get 5% off your cleaning!